Dated in Year 2009, Beijing Yongjia Trading LTD. CO. is a young company, focusing on imported food trading and distribution, our mission is to introduce more and more higher quality imported products to Chinese consumers, building the connection with famous international brands and products, making the products available for Chinese consumers. Our Ambition is, with mutual respect, mutual trust, win-win spirit, joint effort, to become one of the Key Players in Chinese import foods retail market in the next decade.
我们已经开发了一个强大的分销网络,在亚洲,来自世界各地的进口我们的产品。我们现在能够提供量身定制的解决方案给我们所有的客户提供全系列高品质的产品在我们的四诀窍。 我们的主要优势是快速回答与许多可能性的配方、包装、产地的特定需求,价格和灵活的起订量。我们还与我们的客户密切合作,开发新的应用程序,以提供新的配方,我们所有的消费者。

Our main advantages are fast response to specific requirements for formulas, packaging, and origin with many possibilities, as well as flexible minimum order quantities. We also work closely with our customers to develop new applications to provide new formulas for all of our consumers.